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The Impression-a-Bull Project

A project to restore the image of Nashville’s Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Guardians presented by Nashville PITTIE

featuring dog photography by Amiee Stubbs.


Too often the general public believes “Pit Bulls” to be the image they see in the news after an unfortunate event resulting from the actions of an irresponsible dog owner. These news stories are commonly sensationalized and presented as if it is the fault of the dog.

We wanted to change the perception of the general public for the dogs we know to be great family pets.

There are numerous responsible people in Nashville who share their lives with Pit Bulls. They are public servants, NFL members, lawyers, and musicians; everyday people who contribute to Nashville’s unique culture. With the help of these responsible Pit Bull guardians, we created a positive, public display to bring to light the true image of Pit Bulls. We want these images to be what people think of when they hear the term Pit Bull.

Raise funds for Spay/Neuter:

Because of the overpopulation problem, Pit Bulls are readily available and become easy targets for anyone with ill intentions. They can suffer neglect by being chained in a yard, used as bait dogs for fight rings, or practice dogs for misguided youth who think dog fighting is a cool thing to do. This easy access to dogs reinforces the perception that they have no value, or that they are disposable. If the dog on the chain dies from neglect they can easily go get another and continue the cycle.  It is unfortunate enough that the dogs in these cruel circumstances have to endure this kind of life. The tragedy is twofold; the dogs in these unfortunate situations are the ones that end up involved in a tragedy that makes the news, fueling the misconception of the general public.


The Impression-a-Bull exhibit was held at the UltraViolet Gallery on Saturday, August 4th, 2012.

See news coverage of the event on my YouTube page.



  The Impression-a-Bull exhibit was voted Nashville's

  "Best Gallery Exhibit" in the Nashville Scene Best of Nashville 2012




The photos from the project will be available in a book in late summer 2013.  

Proceeds from the sale of the Impression-a-Bull book will benefit Pit Bull spay and neuter.